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Wyandotte bantam


History: The Wyandotte family is large; every variety is a made one from various blendings of breeds.  The first variety was the silver laced, from America, in  1883.

Characteristics: Wyandotte bantams are miniatures of the large fowl.  A graceful, alert and active but docile breed.  A short and deep body, the back broad and short, the breast full and round.  The wings are medium sized and the tail is medium yet full and spread at the base.  The head is short and broad with a rose comb and the face is smooth, with a fine texture.  The legs are medium length, thighs covered with soft featehrs, shanks free of feather or fluff.

Colours: Barred, black, blue, buff, Columbian, partridge, silver pencilled, red, white, silver laced, gold laced, blue laced and buff laced.

At The Garden Hen we keep the silver laced variety which have white feathers laced with black. The tail is black with a green lustre.

Why do we keep bantam Wyandottes at The Garden Hen? They have a very pretty plumage.


Eggs:  Tinted, 180 per annum
Classification:  Bantam
Weight:   Male - not more than 1.70kg (3 3/4 lb), Female - not more than 1.36kg (3lb)